Sports Injuries are a specialised area of dysfunction usually associated with committed amateur athletes/ professionals. The problem here is the speed of recovery required as well as the extent of the injury itself. In chronic problems such as repetitive strain injuries, problems further up or down the bio-mechanical system have often been missed out. This is where we as Osteopaths have a special insight that we have used to work along side our physiotherapy  and orthapod colleagues - or in cases that have not required surgery a stand alone therapy.

We treat many sports injuries from professional footballers to skiing injuries, from racquet sports to track and field. 

These include:

 Muscle strain/ tears

 Meniscal problems

 Pattelar tracking

 Ankle strains - traumatic or post surgery

 Shoulder stabilisation

 Groin Strain

 Rib dysfunction 

 Neck and Back Pain associated with competitive sport