We are a small bespoke group of Osteopaths in Oxford and London and are based at the following sites:

The Shotover Clinic  

The Chelsea Practice

We also run professional development courses for Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Chiropracters and other disciplines:

 OK - Our Professional Development Programme. This will be resuming in the Summer/ Autumn of 2014.

Our approaches include Cranial Osteopathy, Biomechanical/ Structural Osteopathy,  Paediatric Osteoapthy , and areas of special interest such as Sports Injuries .

We bring with us a variety of methods, interests and skills. Some of us are lecturers and clinic tutors at the Osteopathic Bachelor and Masters programme at Oxford Brookes University. All of us are committed to an holistic healing approach through evidence based practice.

Osteopathy is a safe and effective manual medicine that diagnoses and treats the structure and function of the body. We use a global approach to treat local problems from back pain and headaches to sports injuries and infant distress.

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